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server not starting
i used to have my server run fine and just i added about 9 new skins to my server and tryed to reboot it but its not working. i get a runtime error on Micrsoft Visual C++ and the server shuts down. so i took out the skins then tryed it with no luck still. i also see in the srcds box where it says missing shutdown this and missing shutdown that ...etc. i dont know what its missing (i updated srcds as well)


the pics on the errors are here:
1st one
2nd one
[Image: brutalhonesty.png]
[Image: STEAM_0:0:16227482_tf2.png]
looks like you didn't just add 9 new skins.

Those errors come up when theres a bug in a plugin you're running on the server.

Can't say much about this one since the pictures you posted are way to small to see what's on them... try posting them at original resolution. Not 170x100
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you took out the skins? are you sure.. even out of the text files? (im assuming you used mani) cuz i know it will spit out an error like that if you try and start the server, and it can't find the right skins. Also, if you updated srcds, try just disabling the plugins, the update could of broken them(?) Just rename the addons folder to like addonsssss or something. Then try to start the server, and see what happens.
well i found out that one of the skins that i asked the server to find wasnt even in the srcds folder or the website (for fast transfer) so i just deleted it and now it works fine.
[Image: brutalhonesty.png]
[Image: STEAM_0:0:16227482_tf2.png]

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