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srcds lan problem

I've configured the standalone soure server for running on a LAN, when the server is connected to the LAN AND to the internet clients can connect very fast.
When the internet is disconnected from the LAN then the client connection takes ages when they arrive at status "sending client info".

Figures: when the LAN is connected to the internet, client connections only takes 16 seconds..
When the internet is disconnected it takes about 3 minutes...

If tried everything which can be found on the support pages at Steam , but that doesn't seem to help.

Is there something that can be done? As it is not related to the server's capacity as the connections go smooth when there is an internet connection.

When checking the console via 'user' command I receive the respons:
TODO: SV_User_f

Please help I don't think I'm the first one playing CSS on a LAN :-)
Are you sure sv_lan is set to 1, to make it strictly a lan server. Also try not having the server connected to the internet at all, like unplug the internet, then start the computer, then the server as a lan server, and see if it still does it. Cuz I have ran lan servers (when my internet died a long while ago for almost a week... that sucked..) and it seemed to do just fine..
Yes, that's the problem. When the server is connected to the internet everything goes fine even it has been startup with sv_lan 1.

But when we unplug the internet from the takes ages for clients to connect.

Have you an example if your server cfg from that time?

Alot of people seem to have this problem lately, maybe some update f*cked it up....
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Drocona Wrote:Alot of people seem to have this problem lately, maybe some update f*cked it up....
yea, i don't pay too much attention to the hldslist anymore, but i do think theres been a lot of talk about this very problem, ill have to start paying attention to see if they have a fix. other then that though i dont know.

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