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mani admin help!!!!!
i have he mani-admin-plugin on my srcds and i post adverts and use the admin list like it says in the documentation but it still wont work im asking you uys this becuase there forums over at the mani site sucked and didnt help me so maybe you guys can help.Aslo i downloaded the cal match thing with lo3etc and i dont know where to put it. plz help
What exactly is it that isnt working? I know with adverts you have to input the color of the text then the actual text itself ie., {RED}Welcome to my server. As for the adminlist if you use ip address it would be in this format, ;, steam id's there is no ";" in front of it. As for the cal match and lo3 i have used it so i have no tips there, sorry. Hope this little bit helped tho.

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