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Custom chat messages
I used to see on some server where if you typed a certain keyword into chat the chat would respond and display a message for all to see.
I am aware that this is custom programming or scripting of some kind but my question is if anyone knows where I could learn to program like that ?

Thanks in advance.

Also could anyone tell me the command to output all cvars to a text file? i know I can view them all with "cvarlist" but I forgot how to save them to file.

Can anyone tell me the cvar that restricts who players can spectate i.e. cts can onyl spectate cts and vice versa?

Can't anybody reply to me? surely someone here can help me!

with the first part, im pretty sure you could do something like that with matties event scripts.. I don't however, know very much about matties, nor do I have a link. Just google it.

I don't remember how to print the cvar list either, but google will more then likely find that as well.

with the cvar, the find feature in console will likely find that, its your friend along with google. type in "find spectate" or any other work and it will bring up everything with that in it.
O.K thanks very much I didn't know that the console had a "find" function.

Just for future searches you can download matties event script here:

Quote:mp_forcecamera 1
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can anyone tell me the CVARs to make a bot fill quota for 4 bots?

Sorry to ask such a mundane question but the search doesn't work and I don't want to open a new thread.
Forget that last ccomment, I found out how to do it.

bot_quota 4
bot_quota_mode fill
bot_auto_vacate 1
bot_join_after_player 0
To learn programming you need Visual Studio .NET 2003

pretty expensive package tho, there is another possibility of using the free Visual express 2005 or something but I read it's a real pain in the ass to get plugins working on it so I really dont recommend at all.

If you want to learn making plugins, it's in C++, you can find alot and ask alot at

for the cvar list, I have no idea how I once did it but i think theres a command like cvar_dump or something like that. I used it once so it is there somewhere lol
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Here, try this.......
cvarlist log cvarlist.txt

If you have setup CS 1.6 servers or other non-Source servers before then I recommend not using those server.cfg 's anymore, because some commands have changed or are not working anymore! Here you can find a Source cvarlist so you can compare it with your old server.cfg 's or you can use the server.cfg below: Source cvarlist

This Source cvarlist is from nov 2004, if you want the latest or if the link is not working, you will have to do the following: Start your server (in console mode), when it's started type the following in the serverwindow: cvarlist log cvarlist.txt
A lot of text appears, but you can close your server if you want. In your cstrike folder you will now find a file cvarlist.txt and you can open this with Word, this is the latest Source cvarlist.



J.Christy Wrote:again.....googled...

Google should be everyones best friend! I think that should be the first place anyone looks for just about anything, lol. Just be specific with searches, and you will most the time find what your looking for.
Well, Ive post a link... says the most...
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Thanks guys, I got the cvar list, although it's not exactly human friendly but it is proving very useful. But I have one more question:

What/is there a CVAR which can limit the speed at which maps, files etc are downloaded?
You see players on my server are getting pretty high pings whenever someone downloads the map and I'd like to limti the speed so that players will get better ping but slower map downloads.

I googled it and didn't find anything and I also tried the find function in the console as well as poring through the cvarlist text file but I didn't find anything, except I'm fairly sure I used that CVAR once.

Any help will be appreciated, and thanks for all the previous help, the messages are working fine with matties event scripts.

No there is no cvar for that.

only options you have is either upgrade your connection or (the cheapest way) use sv_downloadurl

downloadurl hosts remote gamemod folder on a webserver, when a client connects he'll grab the stuff from the webserver instead of your server. Als, you can limit a webservers bandwidth, which you can't with the SRCDS (at least, without getting lag)
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yea, either use sv_downloadurl, or just set sv_allowdownload to 0 and not let anyone download at all Toungue

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