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server sounds question
Is there any way i can play a sound on a server just by typing a word into chat?
For example: i want to play sound "horney" by typing "horney" into chat bar. I think mabye i could do this by using the commandlist.txt, but i would not know what to type in. If anyone has any ideas or knows exactly what to do please tell me.

#2 darkzealot explains how to do aliases. Its not quite in server chat.. but you could just open up and type it in console quickly.

you may be able to add in to the commands.txt file something like
"@horney" R "commandtoplaysound"

Which I don't remember exactly what the command is to play sounds Toungue its been a while since I have bothered with sounds. lol. You would have to put the command in quotes though, or it will probly seperate the command at the space, making it not work. It may not work either way though. I don't know. Big Grin
Hi there, i farly new to all this but i have my own server now up and runing fine (HL2DM). Now i see this is an old post but only to day i was on a server wich you could type e.g hello in chat and it would play a sound! Was wondering if you may have worked it out? Coz iv been trying to fined how to do it all day lol
It can easily be done with Mani admin Plugin, theres fuctions for this.

Unless you make your own plugin or use someone else's I don't think it is possible


"Waiting For Suspect" admin_plugin/waitingforsuspect.mp3
"Don't just stand there, pick up the gun and shoot it !" admin_plugin/dontjuststandthere.wav
"Who ate all the donuts ?" admin_plugin/donuteater.wav
"Do you smell something ?" admin_plugin/doyousmell.wav
"With my brains and your brawn we'll make an excellent team" admin_plugin/excellentteam.wav

//public sound triggers
"suspect" C ma_play 1
"dontstand" C ma_play 2
"donuteater" C ma_play 3
"smell" C ma_play 4
"brains" C ma_play 5

I use this on my server to play sounds Smile It's dont with Mani Admin Plugin.

Notice in soundslist it auto numbers the sounds so Waiting For Suspect is #1, Don't Just Stand There is #2 etc etc

YAY 100 posts lol xD
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