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DoNe Network expansion.
Recently I have joined with the expansion of DoNe Network. They are hoping to soon be a global game portal, offering webhosting and decent servers to play on.

The reason for this post, is I am in search of some servers in the U.S. that could be called "DoNe Networks servers". All this would really entail for you, the server administrator is some simple configuration changes (to work with hlstats), and a couple other little things.

You as being the server owner and administrator will still have FULL control over your server. What you would get in return is more traffic to your server through our website, and of course, statistics for your server.

View the still under construction english version of there site at

Feel free to create an account at the site, browse around, bookmark and come back to see whats been added.

If your interested about joining your game server with DoNe Network, even if its just a stock server runnin on a home connection, then contact me by either pm on this forum, or send me an email at (they haven't given me a spiffy email address yet Toungue), sent me your servers ip, plus just a little info about the maps and anything special there might be about your server, and I will respond with what you should do to get it added into our list. or even if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask them.

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