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Good UK Based Web Hosting
Can anyone recommend a good UK based web hosting company?

I need to get the fast http downloading set up for my srcds server, but for some reason my current hosting company is preventing the http downloading. Unfortunately their support department is of the "the problems at your end/ talk to the hand" nature.

I've followed the turorials and I've got it working on a web server I have at home for testing, so I'm pretty sure the problem is with the hosting side.

Please any recommendations would be very welcome.


#2 - HTTP FTP FEDORA 1 (sadly) the works

though i will ask one thing:
what bandwidth are you looking for?

Good company, never had a problem yet and the support is amazing. run my hl2mp server on it too Big Grin
Thanks for the reply. I only really need to host the clan website in the first instance, and would prefer a windows server as most of the content is

I guess I don't need bucket fulls of bandwidth but I think the main thing is I need to get better access to the iis manager. I would imagine something along the lines of the root level access would be ideal, but with windows not linux.

I have to admit I havent got the faintest idea why my current hosting company wont allow the http download. When I try and download one of the map files I just get http error 404 all the time. I know the file is there cause I've enabled directory browsing on the server and I'm clicking the file link in the browser. I also know the problem probably isn't to do with the configuration on my machine cause I've had one of the other guys in the clan try with the same results.
Ok problem solved.

If anyone is interested the problem was due to mime types not being set. See the following thread for more info....

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