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Hey guys. I'm using the Mani admin mod, and I have a few bots running, so people will goto my server seeing that its not empty. Once it's filled with human players, how do I get rid of the bots without restarting the server? Thanks.
If your not on the server and can access the console you would type "bot_kick". If your playing on the server you would type
"ma_rcon bot_kick".
lol, its easier to set
bot_quota 4
bot_quota_mode fill
bot_auto_vacate 1

that way it will always make sure theres atleast 4 players in the server, when somone joins team a bot leaves, all automatically. Toungue

"ma_rcon bot_kick" can be shortened to "rcon bot_kick"

calef13 Wrote:"ma_rcon bot_kick" can be shortened to "rcon bot_kick"


only if you have rcon_password set... which i'm to lazy to do that.. and most the time on my server i had rcon disabled, just cuz theres really no use for it.. so you must have ma_rcon..

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