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DoNe Network UK
DoNe Network, the new european gaming portal is currently looking for 5persons to run the UK part of the network, experience with SRCDS and http is as must have. If you are interested in joining the network, send me a mail at:
heh, get it here in the US and ill help Winki think obviously i have srcds experience, and i run 2 apache webservers... so i guess that would account for http experience. Big Grin
Well what can you say? It's kinda for all english speaking contries... (My bad) The consept of DoNe Network is that we are a group of server hoster's and are offering web hostingg solutions, public servers, and so on... Contact me thrue mail @ or msn @ (I live in europe, so you have to be loged inn early in the dayToungue)

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