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IM just got dedicated server i want to know how you download the admin plaugin and use it for the server. i also want to put a name on my server instead of counterstrike source for the name. and in the server i want to put messages that pop up every couplae of minutes about the server. plz help!
Did you download the stand alone version or the steam version? If you got the stand alone then you have to edit the server.cfg file. That can be opened with notepad. I think the first thing in the list is the name of the server. Concerning the admin plugin it sounds like your wanting mani. The link is Read through the documentation and get that configured. To get the "messages" that pop up every few minutes, also known as adverts, edit the adverts.txt file in cstrike/cfg/mani_admin_plugin directory.
aight willl do ill get back to u when this is accomplished
on the mani it says to create a new directory to transfer over files from the zip file. i dont understand how to create a new directory plz help!!!!!!!!!!
You dont need to create a new directory. After mani is unzipped you are left with one folder "cstrike". All u have to is copy that folder on top of the srcds/cstrike folder, or wherever you have yours installed. Press yes when asked to overwrite. Of course if u do that then the server will use all the mani defaults, so I would edit the mani_server.cfg beforehand to your likings. You also need to add exec mani_server.cfg into the server.cfg file.
ok i made the mani_server.cfg file in the server.cfg. now wut do i add to it?
I dont understand I made mani_server.cfg file in the server.cfg file. There already is a mani_server.cfg file in the mani zip file. It's in the cstrike/cfg directory, inside that zip file. After you have edited the mani_server.cfg file to your likings you need to add "exec mani_server.cfg" inside the server.cfg file. You figured out how to copy mani's files and folders to the SRCDS right?

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