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Hi i have tryed to do everything to install css dm on my computer! but it still wont work...Sad

i have used this webpages to get it work:

And this one:

I think i have done all correct so if anyone could help me out it world be great! Big Grin

(I dont even get a wepaon menu!)
Veriton used?
Well, its not that hard, have you installed the Source meta mod right, You can check this by wrigting meta_list or something like that. When the metamod installation is working, you extrack the source DM files were they belong, and then add it to the metaplugins.inf in cstrike\addons\metamod
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hi i also need help installing cssdm ive only ever used mani mod and mattie.onfo for deathmods... please tell me how to do it the guides are hard...linking 3 mods toghther is hatrder than it seems ive tried btw Big Grin....allowing people to conect o pc if they are willing to do for me lol

follow all of the guides in the links.
oh ya....

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