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How do I get my bans to write to my banned_user.cfg file?
I have one in the right place on my Garrys Mod server. I ban about 20 people an hour... I NEED this to be recorded because Gmod has SO many noobs in it Big Grin
oh man.. 20 people an hour.. thats a bit harsh.. but i think the command is writeid and writeip
I'll try it thanks Smile
BTW many reasons for ban.
  • This game being a builder mod not meant for killing in a CSS / DM style.
  • Noobs join server kill eachother BAN
  • Noobs join server spam spawned props BAN
  • Noobs join as defualt name MingeBag BAN (lesson to defualt namers)
  • Noobs destroy other peoples projects when not in a competitive mode BAN and I copy steam ID for later bannage on other servers
  • Noobs swear at me BAN
  • Sarcasm about my server pings BAN
  • Over complaining BAN
  • Use of metal objects in a wooden war BAN
  • Doing nothing BAN (As in AFK)
  • Stealing resources BAN
  • No teamwork BAN (Competitive teamwork modes only)
  • Using Skybox bug BAN
  • In fortwars mode going on skyscraper BAN
  • Using my server with a name I don't like BAN
  • Moaning about my server variables BAN
  • This game require Sv_cheats 1 but some people
  • use BAD cheats... BAN
  • Cleaning map BAN
  • Spawning NPCs with no purpose BAN
  • Spawning dynamite BAN
  • Advertising BAN
  • Advertising Clans BAN
  • Talking about my servers reputation BAN (I have a bad rep so what its my server my rules and Gmod has so many noobs)
  • Rejoining when I kicked by accident instead of BAN = BAN
  • Critisism with no evidence and backups of claims BAN
  • Spamming BAN
  • Spawning Error signs on purpose BAN
  • Spawning lots of crap and calling it useful BAN
  • Moaning about my servers lack of vehicles BAN (I can't help it they WONT SPAWN BTW can someone help me with this to reduce my number of bans Big Grin )
  • Talking about bans... BAN
  • Using text such as TTYL or TTUL BAN (lol lmao ftw etc are allowed)
  • Talking about BF2 BAN BAN BAN BAN
  • Talking about rival games to source BAN
  • Talking about leaving LOL BAN
  • Sometimes I ban for fun.. BAN
MY CSS server is one ban a day so that shows overall I a a good admin, but Gmod just causes me to loose my temper with noob and BAN

holy geez.. you seem to be a very harsh admin.. but oh well.

and just for the record, the little bit i played gmod awhile ago, it was zero fun unless your killing someone.. i mean how can you not.. you can be soo creative when killing them Big Grin

but whatever its your server.
I mean killing as in:
Get killed by long timers
Get killed
Respawn- and noclip into ground pwning everone and everything.
Then the inevitable... BAN

And yea. Pretty harsh. But well I have had my computer almost melt at the hands of these people. Just spam and spam my processor with usless junk like super sizes buildings with 1000000 per second spawner scripts...
Write IP and ID I have now in server.cfg AND autoexec.cfg
Butit writes the IDs at the start of the map.
Does this work WHEN I ban someone?
it should write it at the beginning of every map.. after you ban somone its held in like memory, and after the map changes it will be written to the file. so if the server restarts it will still be there. the only way you would lose any is if you ban somone.. the map doesn't change or anything, then the server shuts down for anyreason. if you want after you ban somone you could put in a rcon writeid in console to do it right away.
Yup I do that a lot now... My new bind will be write ID... I will check my ban list for 2 hours worth of play now....

Well today its only 8... But thats because I made my server better Big Grin . Less oppertunity to minge about..

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