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whoohoo FIXED!
Big GrinThe Fix

1)Deleted ~/.steam/ClientRegistry.blob
this will fix the bad userid or password prob.

2)delete steam
3) run ./hlsupdatetool.bin
this will make a new steam file
4) run ./steam -update hl2mp ./ youruserid yourpassword Y
-if your steam file is not up to date
*this should update the steam file to 12
*run 4b.. aka the command again
4b)run ./steam -update hl2mp ./ youruserid yourpassword Y

Notice that the -commands are missing, this is not at all what the help/info screen will tell you when you run ./steam (that is where i got screwed up)

SadThe old Errors:
Im trying to install HL2DM on my linux box.
I did manage to install CS:S using a older version of steam, if i try to use the same version to install HL2DM it will install HL1 (hlds) in a folder called HL2DM.

installed new steam update program:
steam -version = bootstrapper version 12

>bad password
try: ./steam -update -game hl2dm myuserid my-password
error: Connection Closed by Peer.

>good password
try: ./steam -update -game hl2dm myuserid mypassword
error: Login failed. This account does not exist, or the password is incorrect.

?steam accounts for HL1 and HL2 based game not the same?

make new account:
try: ./steam -create newaccountname mypassword myq mya
error: invalid email address

try: ./steam -create mypassword myQ myA
error: AuthenticationServerRSAPublicKey failed signature verification
what was the problem?
Kold Wrote:what was the problem?

lol indeed Toungue
Also, accounts for the updatetool have been deleted for at least a year now, you can't use them anymore.
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