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I'm tired of my server getting messed up, everyone who connects get's a missing map error, some people don't but most do, none of the tutorials help, and im wondering, is it because im using a free host? i think the bandwith or whatever causes this error, so should i just use
What host are you with currently? I recommend using some paid hosting, but make sure it doesn't cost more than you get. I really recommend for webhosting, they're VERY stable (been with them for, uh, a year now). I've been with them for a year now, and the only downtime I have had was when I ran a script that sent the chatlogs, kill feed and the join/leave messages to the MySQL database, they didn't like that I was overloading it so they suspended my site, got it online in 5 minutes because of the good support tho! If you order from them, use the discount-code BLACKOUT20 to get 20% off every webhosting package! Smile
000webhost or something like that, And i'll try and see if i get the same missing map error. Thanks!
also, if i have the same problem seen here
i don't think getting a paid for webserver would fix it, would it?
i ran into the same issue, heres what i did to fix the issue and now it works.

What most tutorials dont show you is that the sounds folder also needs to be in the cstrike Dir on your web server side.

By default the maps are in cstrike/maps/
By default the sounds are in cstrike/sounds/

1: So on your web server side make sure you keep the same Dir Structure

2: in your server config make sure the sv_downloadurl line reads:
sv_downloadurl ""
sv_allowdownload "1"
sv_allowupload "1"

That should do it. Also remember to set permissions to your folder on web site so people can read, write, execute (0777)
as long as you have access to set permissions to folders and you can download, it doesnt matter what host you have i dont think.
I did everything you said, i can't tell if it worked since i don't have anyone connecting, but i have one question, how come some people can connect and some coulden't?
they connected becasue they had the map already. To test it get a map you dont have and change the server to be on that map. Then join. THats the best way to see if it works. If it works for you then it works for everyone....
Make sure that you have both the sounds and maps folder in the folder your pointing too and make sure the slashes are correct. it makes a difference
Didn't work, And i know for a fact the people who succesfully connected indeed downloaded the map, I kept making new versions and as the versions got bigger (under 64 mbs of course) Less and less we're able to connect, And can the command sv_maxrate help me in any case? please reply.
Not really sure then. That's how my server is setup and it works fine. Double check ur permissions on the files. If their not set right then they can't dl them.

When u set the permissions did u do a recursive or just on the folder?

Remember every time u upload a new file u need to set permissions on that file again
Oh well, everything should be right, guess i have no choice but to give up, thanks for the suggestions...
Is there any way running srcds and the webserver from my internet could be maxing out my internet/bandwith?
I will give a clean BMOC to anyone who helps me solve this problem.
(02-03-2012, 11:47 PM)polartop Wrote:  also, if i have the same problem seen here
i don't think getting a paid for webserver would fix it, would it?
Add this to your config:
net_maxfilesize 75
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