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sv_downloadurl "Missing Map"
I've looked at many threads with the same issue, and I have not found a solution.

I have windows 7 64bit.
"-console -game cstrike -autoupdate +maxplayers 16 +map surf_greatriver_fix -tickrate 100"

I recently set up a server for Counter Strike Source, everything was working fine until I found out that other players cannot download custom maps off the server, they would receive the "missing map .bsp disconnecting"

I had all the download settings in my server.cfg

"sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_downloadfilter all"

But they would still get the error. I decided to try creating a HTTP server, which took me hours because I had to configure Apache for my 64 bit machine. I finally got that working as players could connect to my webspace, and download the maps directly from there.

However when I set the webspace as my sv_downloadurl

"sv_downloadurl "http://<mywebspace>:8080/"

Players still receive the missing map error.

Does anyone know what could be the problem with my server? They can download the maps through the url, but when it comes to joining in-game they get the missing map error.
Why is there :8080 on your webspace? Also try to remove sv_allowupload and sv_allowdownload. These are, as I remember, not needed to configurate.
The download URL needs to point to the mod folder so for example for CSS it would be "cstrike". Your download URL would thus be along the lines of "http://<mywebspace>:8080/cstrike". Inside the "cstrike folder must be the exact corresponding folders with the needed files in them- maps, models etc etc
Thank you, I got it all working.

There's one problem however. When there are a few people on my server, and one person is joining and downloading a map, all of the other players on the server's ping jumps from about 80 to about 600 until the person joining has finished downloading the map.

Is there anything I can do about this? Because this is actually worse than not even using a HTTP server and just making them dl through the game, but the whole point of HTTP was to make it faster. The fact that everyone will lag horribly when someone joins just makes the HTTP server useless.
Is the files being downloaded from the same server, well same internet connection as the game server is on?

If so, how fast is that connection?
Download: 3160 Kbps.
Upload: 803 Kbps.

Australia. Sad
(03-12-2011, 02:07 AM)sprucemoose Wrote:  Download: 3160 Kbps.
Upload: 803 Kbps.

Australia. Sad

Well the problem is that people downloading from your fastdl server is maxing out the internet, which also effects the game server since it's on the same internet. There is nothing else todo about it besides getting a faster internet connection, which I assume is not possible in your location. You could alternatively restrict the speed on the webserver to about 100kb/s.

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