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Amd vs. Intel (choose?)
im current thinking of building a new home server for hosting since i have 250/100mbit connection.

this build will be in a fulltower so i will have it here at home in the closet, so my question is should i go with the new "AMD FX-8150 BE 8-CORE 3.6GHZ 16MB SOCKET AM3+ BOX" or should i consider a Intel xeon/i7?

16gb 1600mhz DDR3 will be implemented (got in stock)

Mostly interested in hosting as many slots as possible with good performance but I dont wanna pay alot of $$$ if i still can achieve similar goals with the AMD.

Im thinking about a total of 256 slots in gmod, css and tf2 (5-8 servers).

all inputs are welcome and if I made myself unclear please forgive me =)
Well, for GMOD and those slotcounts I suggest going with the highest clock-speed available on a CPU. Something like the newer CPU's from Intel provide (2600+).
As it is going to be a tower in your closet, I suggest just getting something like the Intel Core i7-2600K (3.4Ghz) or Intel Core i7-2700K (3.5Ghz). Not sure how those AMD chips perform compared to the Intel i7's. In the UK those i7 processors are about £250 which isn't bad considering the performance. Have a look on the internet for benchmarks with the Intel and AMD CPUs in question.

Clan of Doom:

Intel chopped their pricing and the i7-2600's ( Get the K series if you want to overclock ) are very cost effective.

Id like to try the new AMD 8 Core Bulldozers though...

The 8 core AMD processors will be better at handling more game servers than the 4 core hyper threaded Intel processors.

has some fancy benchmarks.
I've never had AMD but from what I've heard Intel is better. I prefer Intel, but I'm more used to it. I have used AMD PC's though.

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