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Need Server Host
Hey guys.

i have a clan/team iLLusiveGamers
and i need a css or tf2 server, if u can host a server for me i can
advertise u on my fourms and community. i will sell some servers probly if we made a deal.

but im making a scrim team and i have small clan/team and like i need it to be populated. so if u want help a Man out plz add me on here or send me a message.
Servers are only like $1 a slot in the US nowadays.
~ trewq
yes ik but i dont have money to keep a server. if i can get someone that would be nice. i mean i work hard and stuff.
~ trewq
If you work hard get a job......

Job == Money == Server
yes really and i dont have time for a job when i have school.
im just asking for some help.
Damn, I'd hate to have to come up with $16 each month... Don't know how it would be possible.
you don't have time for job, but yes for play? and have a community?
^ I know right. You have time to play and manage a community, but no time for a job? Cut grass in the summer, or shovel snow in the winter, easy money.

Everyone's looking for a handout nowadays. . .
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
-snip- Just being an asshole, ignore Big Grin
If you're a lucky guy (like me :3333), you can work at some company in holidays and stuff and earn big bucks. Big Grin
Check out! We're extremely cheap.
Well if bumping old threads is in again: <-- Game Servers + Teamspeak <-- Minecraft + Teamspeak <-- Dedicated Servers and VPS'

Looking for a game server? Visit and pick one up as low as $2.50 / mo!
We offer all sorts of gameservers and voiceservers.
I'd email some Game Server Providers, someone may be interested in sponsoring your team.

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