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Restarting the FREE sv_downloadurl service!
Hey everyone,

As some of you are aware I used to run a free sv_downloadurl service. Well I'm starting it back up! Big Grin

This time it will be so much better as I have much more programming knowledge (and more money Wink ).

At the moment I have not started programming the web interface but I have the main file server downloading EVERY map, skin and sound from gamebanana!

The way it will work is you have 50GB of bandwidth per month for free then every 150GB more is $2.50 USD/month!

If you run over your usage you will receive an email informing you that you need to buy more. If you do not buy more within 2 days your service will stop working until the next month.

What do you guys think? Opinions?
~ trewq
What about duplicate users?
Why hasn't somebody made some giant repository of custom files for fast downloads and just shared it? If everybody just used different names for everything (Which I think everybody but the bad map devs do.) then there is no need for a 100 little repositories of the same files. Rather just one giant one that people pay to access with unlimited bandwidth Toungue

But I don't know whose bandwidth you want to use. If it was Australian bandwidth then I doubt it would ever be worth the time or money.

Now if it was 'Merican bandwidth then it's something to look into.
Essentially that is what I'm doing making a massive repository. Na my main server is in Canada Wink

i7 processor 16GB RAM 10TB Bandwidth on a 1Gbps port. Should be fine for a wile Smile

And with the matter of duplicate users I can take care of that with email and ip checking.
~ trewq
YAY. I so need this. I'm running a srcds server, Lowest budget imaginiable Wink and i get SO many complaints about how it takes forever to download the sounds, map, textures etc. If you do this i'll love you forever.
I think it sounds very interesting, might be something we could use in ePalz - if we havent made our own by that time Smile
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