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Hi guys,

Recently I brought up a CS:S server running de_dust2 only as a "successor" to the two TF2 servers I used to host. The server has the following settings and addons:

- zBlock
- SourceMod (only for the admin'ing part, I don't run some stupid advertisements who blocks your view)
- SourceBans
- GameME

- Roundtime 2.00
- Winlimit 0
- Roundlimit 0
- Timelimit 30
- Friendlyfire 0
- Startingmoney 800

Feel free to join it when you've got time, it's not popular but I try to fill it up as often as I can by inviting all my friends :3

[Image: b_560_95_1.png]

Console: connect
Steam-join: clickme

Have fun! Smile

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