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intel core 2 duo e4500 @ 2.20 ghz, can it hold a 24 slot server?
Well i had my surf dm server for a while now. It gets up to 24/24 alot. Problem is, the fps of the server drops. I don't know if it's the processor or now. I would like to know if that processor can hold 24/24 server. It's surf dm.
My specs are:
processor: intel core 2 duo 24500 @ 2.20 ghz 2 cores
ram: 1 gb
upload speed: 10 mbps
download speed: 50 mbps
operating system: windows home server 2008 or 2003(don't think it makes a difference unless im wrong)
Nothing else is running on the server.
at 6 players, srcds.exe takes up 15 % of cpu.
hostname "[] *Surf RPG Deathmatch*|Hlstats"            // hostname of the server.
rcon_password "*****"    
sv_password ""            // password to server.                                                        // rcon password for the server(rcon_password, then rcon <command>).                                            // what is says in the game tag in the browser.

///////////////GENERAL SETTINGS////////////////
mp_friendlyfire "0"            // if 1, if you shoot a teamate it will hurt them.
mp_roundtime "9"            // round time in 1 round.
mp_footsteps "1"            // enable sound on footsteps.
mp_autoteambalance "1"            // if there is 5 more players than the other team it will auto balance it.
mp_autokick "0"                // auto kick.
mp_tkpunish "0"                // team killing punish?
mp_forcecamera "0"            // force the camera when someone dies?
sv_alltalk "1"                // 0 = only players on that player's team can hear them, 1 = anyone can hear voice chats form anywhere.
sv_cheats "0"                // disable or enable cheats.
sv_consistency "0"            // so you can't use scripts and all of that, provents hackers.
sv_maxspeed "10000"            // maxspeed.
mp_limitteams "1"            // max limit of outnumbered players. Goes with sv_autobalance.
mp_hostagepenalty "0"            // penatly if you kill a hostage.
sv_voiceenable "1"            // voice chat.
mp_allowspectators "1"            // allow people to join the specate.
mp_timelimit "25"            // maps timelimit before it changes maps.
mp_chattime "10"            // time between switching maps(chat time).
sv_timeout "60"                // if you loose connection of the server, this is how long it will try to connect to the server again if hits number it will kick you.
mp_freezetime "1"            // time before you can move at the beginning of the round.
mp_playerid "0"                // plyayer id, if you point at a player and you see its name, 0 = you can see all names, 1 = team names only, 2 = disabled.
mp_flashlight "1"            // turns flashlight on and off.
host_thread_mode 1

///////////////BANDWIDTH/FPS SETTINGS////////////////
fps_max "400"                             // max fps server can go, 400 is good enough.
sv_maxrate "40000"                        // max bytes in seconds the server get push against clients... 25000 is good, 50000 is max with 10 mbps upload.
sv_minrate "12000"                        // min bytes in seconds the server get push against clients.... 12000 or even 0 is good... This value CAN'T be more than sv_maxrate
sv_mincmdrate "33"                        // min cmd rate of the server, should be the half of maxcmdrate.
sv_maxcmdrate "67"                        // max cmd rate of the server, should be same as tickrate.
sv_minupdaterate "33"                    // min update rate of the server, should be the half of maxupdaterate.
sv_maxupdaterate "67"                    // max update rate of the server, should be same as tickrate.                    
net_splitpacket_maxrate "100000"        // extra setting for fps boost.
//net_queued_packet_thread "1"            // extra setting for fps boost.
//sv_client_min_interp_ratio "0"         // extra setting for fps boost.
//sv_client_max_interp_ratio "1"        // extra setting for fps boost.
//sv_parallel_packentities "0"            // extra setting for fps boost.
//sv_parallel_sendsnapshot "0"            // extra setting for fps boost.                

///////////////WORLD SETTINGS////////////////
sv_lan "0"                                // sv_lan 0, 1 = only people on your connection can join, 0 = anyone can join.
sv_region "255"                                // the region, 255 = worldwide.
sv_contact ""                     // contact email.

///////////////DOWNLOAD SETTINGS////////////////
sv_allowupload "1"                                            // allow uploading files.
sv_allowdownload "1"                                        // allow downloading files.
sv_downloadurl ""        // fast DL server url.
net_maxfilesize "100"

///////////////TAGS TO GET PEOPLE ONTO THE SERVER////////////////
sv_tags "gfl, games, for, life, games223, surf, deathmatch, rpg, alltalk"        // tags for search.

///////////////USEFUL SURF SETTINGS////////////////
sv_enablebunnyhopping "1"        // enables bhopping on the server.
sv_airaccelerate "150"            // airaccelerate, if this is lower than 100 it will be very difficult to surf(150 is the best for my server).

///////////////BANS SETTINGS////////////////
exec "banned_user.cfg"        // exec bans.
exec "banned_ip.cfg"        // exec bans.
writeid                // write id in log file.
writeip                // write ip in log file.

///////////////LOGGING SETTINGS////////////////
log "on"                            // enable server logging or not.
logaddress_delall                        // flush some logs after a while.
sv_log_onefile "1"                        // log all logs in one file per day.
sv_logfile "1"                            // log on a file.
sv_logbans "1"                            // log bans in log file.
sv_logecho 1

///////////////OTHER SETTINGS////////////////
sm_noblock_allow_block "0"        // allow or not allow the !block command on the server.
sm_advertisements_interval "15"        // delay between sending another advertisement for the server.
sm_forcetimelimit_enable "1"        // make it so when the timelimit runs out, it ends the game and changes the map in the middle of the round.
sm_killignite_fraglimit "10"        //amount of things
sv_visablemaxplayers "24"

Im tryingto get the fps steady at 66.7 but it seems that it just seems unbalanced is there a way to make it like that without upgrading?
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if fps drops start at a certain number of players on the server, it is very likely that your processor is too slow. if fps are dropping also if the server is almost empty, it's something else.

do you only have that server on this machine? (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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DM 24players is quite heavy. I place my bets that you might want to overclock yours to ~2.5ghz or replace it Smile
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Deathmatch is far more intensive on your hardware compared to normal game play. So I would try to lower the slots until you find stability.

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