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Really Cheap VPS to run SRCDS or Minecraft
Want to get your server out of your bedroom? Tired of port forwarding and No-IP?

I've got a great deal on some Xen VPS's that run extraordinarily well. I'm a reseller at, and I'll offer you my reseller discount, with no profit to myself.

You can get 10% off monthly of any VPS plan. Game servers may only be run on Xen, and you must follow the Virpus ToS.

You can get 25 GB of space, 512 MB of dedicated RAM (1024 MB SWAP), 2 IPv4 addresses, FREE IPv6 upon request, and 1000 GB of bandwidth monthly for only $9, with the 10% discount!

If you get a VPS from me, I'll also give you 100 MB of space and unlimited bandwidth on my server, perfect for SourceBans hosting!

Send me a PM if you are intersted
[Image: 76561198006409530.png]
If I helped you, I would love some rep. Smile
Looks good, good luck!
Just a heads up. Virpus hates Minecraft. Read their terms:
Quote:High load applications which may cause disruption to other customers (such as java games

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