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Best way to ad server, so players get in
Hello! Could somebody please tell me, where is best place to advertise server, so players come in? Server is not big, only 20 slots. I know, in this forum is already "The Big Commercial Pit". Thank you
Advertising has always been a hard bit, if you find some communities where you can advertise SRCDS server please let us know Smile
Some tricks which help maintain population: keep crowd entertained; gather your steam community where you will put some events; listen to your players, hear their suggestions (many are dumb but some are really nice Smile ); you can go further and try stealing players from other servers by advertising there, though people might start hating you and it is considered as bad behaviour..
Best Regards,
That shall do the trick Big Grin. Thank you
I made a topic like this on plenty of other forums. And all they said it wait time. And i said i don't want to wait. But i actually learned that if you wait some time your server will get popular. I guess it just takes some time. Heres some good tips:
- good hostname(ex: mine is: [<hostname>] 24/7 <gamemode>|<features>)
- fast server(no lag)
- make events and announcements and make friends and tell them to invite their friends
- good forum(i got a good forum but isn't active which sucks :\ )
- advertise the server best as you can
- and last of all just wait some time

Sorry if this is offtopic or whatever. But it will eventually work.
some tips i tried that really can help:
- make videos of the server and post it on a popular youtube channel(mine channel is sourcemodscripter so you can see how popular my channel is)
Hope this helps.
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It takes atleast a month to "etablish" a good gameserver.

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