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Having issues, few answers please.

I've been running TF2, L4D, L4D2, Teamspeak, and Minecraft Servers for a few months now and I've come into a bit of trouble. Before i start, i'd just like to say i know this MAY not be the place to post it but i'd like to get some answers from people who have MAY been in this predicament before so i figured i would ask here.

I've been running servers for about 3 years now as it says above and I've recently gotten into some issues with Paypal. It's one of the main ways i pay my bills for my web host and dedicated box bills for the companies i'm working with now BUT Paypal has limited my account on there. They said something about having multiple accounts when I've only had two so i'm not sure why they did but my first question is...

Is there an alternative to Paypal that's equally good or not?

What's the best way to have people donate if i cannot use Paypal?

I've been looking into buying a dedicated box and putting it into my home to help run my servers, websites, etc and i was wondering what the best advice is on this seeing as I've never done it before. Question being...

Where can i buy a good server box for me to physically put in my home?

What kind of internet should i buy for the number of servers it might hold(Maybe 4 TF2 servers, 1 TS, 1 Minecraft, etc)?

Any tips on doing this?

I know it maybe a bad idea but i'd like to NOT pay monthly for a box when i can just get a box and put it in my house to run instead of paying monthly for it. If you must tell me it's a bad idea then fine but constructive criticism would be nice since I've had a few people so far say it'd be hard and you can't do it.

Have a nice day,
Well, you should get a 100/100 fiber connection, that'll hold more than enough + you've got a lot more to spare. Directly from Intel or AMD is the best, however you can get better prices from retail-providers.
Get a internet connection with a fast upload speed. You don't necessarily need 100/100 if Verizon Fios I would go with them. If FIOS is not available see what the cable companies have to offer. Stay way from DSL its not fast enough for what you need. As far as getting a server go on ebay and look for a nice quadcore box with at least 4GB of ram.

Paypal is hard to replace. Keep calling and figure it out.

There is google checkout which is becoming mmore known trough out bussinesses
And 100/100 is a little much but would also be good just cost alittle depending on what you normally pay a month
Just co locate it. It will prob be cheaper to do so anyways.
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(10-13-2011, 12:43 AM)Holy Drink Wrote:  There is google checkout which is becoming mmore known trough out bussinesses

Google checkout requires a bank account and age verification.
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Moving your server into your home will be very, very expensive unless you like in a country which has fast, dedicated lines in your area which also allow unlimited bandwidth.

A line required to correctly run server which you plan to sell would cost more then I can imagine a month, and even more for installation costs... and that is assuming you can get it in your area (You can't).
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