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What are the highest rates for LAN only?
Ok. I have accumulated 10 days of search time trying to find the answer to my question. If I missed something, please go easy on "hey there is a search button ya know" bashing.

I am an IT guy and I work with 3 other guys in my office and we are all die hard gamers. We are still beating on L4D and L4D2 ..(I know, most think it’s a dead game, but we play a lot and have our own servers both lan and in the internet)...We installed metamod and Sourcemod and have tuned the horde's way past mega hordes... We increased the number and frequency of the hordes and added more specials; we have done a lot to the server and (for us) took the game to a whole new level.. and a really fun one at that.

My question is this.. We have worked our LERP's to perfection; the rates are as tuned as we can get them. Using source mod and other tuning configs, we raised the tick of the server to 66 (possibly higher) and uncapped the FPS...But I could not get it out of my head that there should be a way to allow more packets over a lan... Why are 4 gaming machines on a LAN connecting to a server that is in a rack right next to us capped to 30000?? Raising it would allow us to have the much larger hordes, and run more real world snapshots per second.. and keep the motion really smooth...Then I stumbled on an article that said Valve had a lan only setting that raised rate the limit to 1048k. The article referred to sv_lan_pure??(somehting like that)... even if the 104587 was a good setting, how would the clients take advantage of it if they are capped at 30000? Can I set the client max rates to 0 (would this "uncap" the cl?) or do I need to set the client rate at 104587??

Finally, to cut to the chase, if this has been done, could someone post the sv_ **Rates** and the cl_ **Rates** that would allow LAN ONLY players the ability to make use of the avail BW and thus hardware?

Thank you for reading and hopefully not flaming me too much. I have been an avid fan of this forum, (lurking) for a long time.

I am sure this has already been done, and I hope someone can put this to rest for me as it is consuming my brain...

John S.

I'm not sure if L4D allows crazy rates, but have fun.

sv_maxrate 30000
sv_minrate 10000

rate 25000

This would enforce rates between 10k and 30k. The client would use rate 25k.

Quote:and run more real world snapshots per second
You would need to raise the tick rate for this.
Well. For lans and stuff i usually set to:
sv_minrate 100000
sv_maxrate 100000

This is with gigabit connections to each computer. I usually have the LAN split in two, one for 100 mbit network and one for gigabit network. Where all the gameservers are hosted locally.

Oh.. this was for L4D..

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