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server promotions?
Well i have one active server and of course that is my surf dm server rpg(in my signature) And i pay money for the other servers... And i have a ze/zm(ze/zs) server that has custom grenades, custom classes.etc with 50 slots and its not getting people on it as much as i advertise it nothing happens... I play on it alot and all of that... Is there any website or something like that, that could promote it? I have active forums and all of that... Can you guys if you have really really popular servers give me some tips on getting the server popular(instead of playing on it, and inviting your friends)...
I can't keep track of how i got my surf deathmatch server since i done so much i to get it popular(may just be because its 1 of the few only servers that rpg or something like that) Maybe ze is different idk...
Please give some tips,
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There aren't any other tips. Maybe add it to Gametracker, game-monitor websites.
What he said. Other than that, just keep on playing on it. It will eventually get there.
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If you've got active forums, just arrange dates and times where everyone meets on a server.

We've themed ours, calling them "Nights of Doom". Wink
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