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Wierd empty connections that says the server has players.

So lately after the 24. update i have been having very many issues with how the server reports itself to the players and the master list.

There has been two issues, first i had a issue where players that clickd on their friends to join got server not responding, and the local ip showed instead of the external. i managed to solve this issue with the help of this thread:
But after i used that fix, sourcebans went bad, as i describe in the last post in the other thread.

The other issue, is that in favorites and server monitors like LGSL, like here the servers or something reports the wrong amount of players due to some wierd "empty" clients. i have attached to show that i mean. but my hlstatsx install shows the right amount, logically since it gets the information from the status command.

Anyone knows why this is happening? Hope anyone can help me with one or both of the issues.

System information:
OS: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
Router: Asus N16 with DD-WRT

thanks for helping Big Grin


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Add this to your server.cfg

//Temp fix ghost players
sv_master_legacy_mode 1
setmaster remove
setmaster remove
setmaster add
setmaster add

Its a bug, lets hope valve fixes this soon Big Grin

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