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Poll: What do you host your servers on?
Windows Server 2008
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Linux - Ubuntu
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What do you host your server on?
My laptop...
CentOS 5 is the way to's very, very stable. I have a 1U Supermicro that I got for free racked in my company's datacenter. It has a P4 3.2 GHz w/ HT cpu (pseudo dual core) and 2 GB DDR2 533 ram.
Most of ours is hosting at a GSP but on linux.

I do play around with srcds on ubuntu, which i think is pretty good for it.
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Specs for my game server boxes (i have 2):

Intel Core™ i7-2600K (3.4Ghz, Quad Core)
16GB Ram
128GB SSD Hard Drive

I see lots of discussion on Xeon vs Desktop CPU's for game servers and what most don't realize, while Xeon is optimized for a server environment, the desktop CPU's are getting so fast that the speed difference between the CPU types is so low that its not worth paying an extra $1000 for the Xeon.
Intel Xeon 2.27GHZ
200GB HD

I guess you could say those are my specs. I'm hosting my servers from a VPS.
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i currently host my servers at (two 24slot tf2 servers)
I'm currently running af CCS 64 slots server using Windows Server 2012.
my laptop Big Grin
!5 intel core
nvidia 310
windows 7
Hosting -
1 stranded
1 darkrp and
1 sandbox.

Windows 7 Pro i7 8GB DDR3 - Raid 10 / 6 - 500GB sata

I wish the trhee servers with users used even 50% of that system. very very happy with my server now.
Two CS:GO servers with 20 slots on Debian 8.

VPS with 2 cores @2.40GHz and 2gb ram.
Windows Server 2008 Standard, Pentium 4 with 2GB of RAM lets me host 6 TF2 servers and 2 CS:GO servers
(optimisation is the key) Smile
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