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How would one go about uncooking a port?
I'm Spybenj, I own a gaming community with a very popular Hl2DM server. A while ago, said server was being constantly DDOSed, and we had to continue to switch between ports 27015 and ports 27016, as after an attack would happen on 27015 the port would be "cooked" and we would switch to 27016, then a few days later 27015 would miraculously start to work again, we would switch back, then it would happen again. Eventually, we found a way to stop this from happening, to protect a port from being cooked. Sadly, last night we got ddosed while we were on 27016(we have been using this more lately as we switched to it, then we got more popular, so we never switched back) and our protection was disabled. Now, 27016 is cooked, and we have it on 27015. The problem with this is people have their favorites with that port, that is the port people join, the port with a very high ranking on sites like My question is, does anyone have a method to uncook a port other than just waiting it out, as waiting it out would be a large problem, as this is the start of the summer, etc.
Thank you very much, if anyone wants to help and needs more details send me an email at
Do you have any logging information available for the server? I used to run a server in CS:S which were also being DDoS'ed constantly, but i took logs, and blocked the IP's and subnets of the source until i found out to block just the packet size on that port. I could help you out with it. Smile
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