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archived srcds?
As many of you probably already know, valve screwed up the ingame menu system recently for mani on other than cs:s servers

i am looking for the version just prior to the version where they broke the menus, for win32 os

if anyone happenes to not have updated and their mani menus still work in a srcds other than cs:s, could you please upload the bin directory for me, so i can have my menu functionality back?

whatever they "fixed" it aint worth losing my admin menus


if you would check back with the mani site.. i believe he fixed this issue... or maybe that was what hes waiting on valve for..

but either way, you would not be able to use an out of date server, because you would not be able to connet to it with an up to date client. and even if you haven't updated, it would be kinda boring if you were in there alone...

edit- yea that is what hes waiting on valve, guessing its the "escape style menus" but yea.. either way. you don't really need menus.. psh. its easier just to type it in. =)
it has been said to work in linux, unfortunately i dont know anyone running the windows version who hasnt yet updated the srcds

by changing only the files in the bin directory, and not the executable, the menus are restored and the server functions properly, at least on linux servers

and no its not the esc menus only, even the amxstyle menus show only one option

its more for the automatic endmap votes and tk punishments menus that i need this functionality, not the admin menu itself

anyhow thanks for taking the time to answer to the best of your ability, and again, if anyone has not updated their win32 srcds, please rar/zip and upload the bin folder for me, or PM me, thanks

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