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is this spec enought
hey guys will this Machine be enought to run the 220slots FULL without lag?

CPU Intel Core i7-950 3,06Ghz HT (8 x 3,06Ghz)
12GB DDR3 RAM 1333Mhz CPU
500GB SATA II 7,2k RPM
Unlimit traffic
Network 100Mbit/100Mbit. Down/Up

to run this 7 server service

Server1 will be Minigame 32slots
Server2 will be Zombiemod 40slots
Server3 will be Dust2 Only 30slots
Server4 will be Zombie escape 40slots
Server5 will be Gungame 30slots
Server6 will be Jailbreak 30slots
Server7 will be Surf RPG Mod 20slots

I wouldn't count on hyperthreading for hosting servers. So with 4 cores available and those servers, at peak that CPU will not be able to handle it.

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