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Suggest a router

So i at home, i host a bunch of CS:S servers over a few computers and recently my router, a shitty dlink dir-655 broke down. I have since then used a computer with pfsense, to route my traffic but because of unreliable hardware im not satisfied with that solution.

What im wondering about is what kind of solution other SRCDS hosters recommends, that i dont cost that much. i have 11 servers with a good lot of players, a webserver and me and my familys everyday surfing. i want something that can handle it, and dont destroy that much of my internett speed which is 60/60 mbit up/down.

I kinda think that some/most of you will recommend a linksys wrt54g with dd-wrt, and if so, it would be nice if you can write why Big Grin.

Thanks to everybody that checks out, and write to help me!

Don't go with a familiy router if you're hosting this much. I would suggest you to use a dedicated machine(probably the one hosting the servers).
I would use a WRT54GL with DD-WRT because it is super reliable. The longest uptime I had was a year and that was because the power cut out Toungue I have never had a problem with one.
~ trewq

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