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i made a .cfg genetator for garrys mod
hey guys/girls/it Big Grin i just made a .cfg file generator. if you don't know what that is its a file where you put all your default commands in. i made this because i saw one for counter strike but i couldn't find one for Garry's mod so i told my self why not just make one . so i did and now i am just gonna share it with everyone . the cfg generator has all the commands for the sandbox gamemode, wiremod, and even dark rp. i hope this will help you on your gmod server. this is my first time ever making a thread so sorry if this thread sounds boring. leave a comment for me. i like to read comments.

to use the .cfg generator just put the limits and values in and then hit generate button. after that just copy and past into a notepad and then hit save as... then make sure the [save as type:] on the bottom is set to all files and then name it [server.cfg] and save it in your data folder on your server

hers the link to the generator

cheers Big Grin

EDIT:link updated

I just get a login page with no registration button.
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(07-10-2011, 05:14 AM)BR5DY Wrote:  I just get a login page with no registration button.

link is updated
Verified, contains only HTML, and image files on the current download URL of:

I would recommend that you not use: "position:absolute;" for any formatting as it makes things look bad.
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Smile) the best

if the link worked...

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