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Need help with this Resource
how much slots in Counterstrike source can i run with this host

i planing 1 zombie escape 40slots 1 zombiemod 40slots 1 minigame 32slots 1 gungame 32slots 1 deathrun/hosties 32slots 1 soccerserver 20slots around 200slots it will be

Server Info
Intel Core i7-950 3,06Ghz Hyper threading
12 GB DDR3 RAM 1333Mhz
500GB SATA II 7,2k RPM Software RAID 1
100Mbit Speed
Unlimited traffic.

is this spec enought to host 200slots?
200 slots with all those mods? Maybe, maybe not. What I would do is, try it for yourself Smile

The i7 950 is hyper threaded so it gives you 8 virtual cores, now, I would use affinity to enforce those servers to use 2 cores each.

If you limit the tickrate of the zombie escape servers to 33 tick you should be fine. Apart from that, you're golden.
[Image: 1789915.png]

The rarity of ALL those servers being full at the same time is highly rare since you are just starting them up. That server will be fine.
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