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[v1.1]Source Dedicated Server Autorestarter
Source Dedicated Server Autorestarter

[Image: 0YYhi.png]

Here's a little project I've made to increase the uptime of my Alien Swarm server. It's a pretty simple autorestarter, with more features to come. What makes it different from other autorestarters is it monitors network usage. The Source Dedicated Server is always using a bit of your network(even if the server is empty; don't ask me why). If it crashes, it's network usage drops to 0.

If you have any feature requests, please PM me.


Initial Release


Fixed problem with start minimized and autostart.


Numerous bugfixes
You can now have more than one instance of it running.

Made by IBeMad
Valve World Icon Pack by vaksa.

nice , Another great server restarter , will post bugs....if noticed

can you tell me if this checks for server response timeout? and how to change that setting ? what's default ?
I'm guessing it doesn't... since I'm not sure what you mean by "server response timeout". It checks for network usage and if the process has exited. If the network usage is 0 for srcds.exe or it's closed, it will try to kill the server and restart it. So even if you get the "srcds.exe has stopped responding", it will still restart it.

In the next release I'm going to add support for multiple servers.

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