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[Dedicated Servers] Intel X3430 Ready to go! And New Intel i5-2400 for only $100!
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The X3430 Unit No Longer Available

We also have a couple Intel Core i5-2400's that we have on order and should be available next week

Core i5-2400 Specs:
3.1Ghz Intel Core i5-2400 Processor with 3.4GHz Turbo
4GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM
500GB SATA II 7200 RPM Hard Drive
Free Linux OS (+$25 for Windows Standard and +$15 for Windows Web)
Includes 2TB of transfer on 100Mbps of bandwidth.
Only $100 / Month with free setup.

Please email me directly: brandon (at) OR PM me on these forums if you're interested in either dedicated server.
Looking for a game server? Visit and pick one up as low as $2.50 / mo!

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