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Hi all,

Still new to this server lark, but I have managed to get a vanilla |Tf2 and GMOD server running.

I have a question about add on weapons, models, sweps, etc.

I can find lots of Maps, SWEps, Models, NPC, etc but am not sure how they work on a server.

Fpor example, I found a Terminator NPC and installed it into my GMOD server expecting my GMOD Client to download it when it connected to the server but nothing happened.

I have installed some new Maps and they download and also various supporting files, but for the Terminator NPC it did not.

Am I wrong in how I am thinking it should work i.e. do I have to install the terminator NPC on the cleint and not the server side.

I was hoping to install lots of mods on my server and use that to update a small group of GMOD users from that.


Ahhhh I'm good with Garry's Mod, not so much with CSS of TF2. Anyways for garry's mod, yes you need to download and extract the models to the model folder, BUT you must go into one of the .lua files of the gamemode and find out what model the client will spawn in

pl:SetModel( "models/player/vixennpc.mdl" )

same for the weapons, you have to tell the game mode that you want the clients to spawn with a certain weapon.

function GM:GivePWeap( pl )

this is from my jail gamemode I don't know if it will work on every game mode, but it's just an example.

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