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Sparco install and update bash script BETA. UPDATE 2 23/03/11

i have made this simple bash script for linux to make the install of srcds easier :) i am not done whit the script but i need some beta testers and feedback on my script.

The script is written on ubuntu but i think it will work on other dist to :) The script support Cs source, Team fortress 2, half life 2 mp and day of deafeat source.

UPDATE 1!!!!
now installing l4d,l4d2 and garrys mod. It also auto installing zBlock for Cs Source and a server.cfg, warmup.cfg and lo3.cfg for css. (downloading config for the server wont work atm becose i havent access to my webbserver before monday.)

UPDATE 2!!!!
Update server is working and downloading cfg for css is also working.

DL link
Moved the thread Smile

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