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How to make a assault cube server Worldwide!! Help please!!
Hello, im posting this because i need help on how to make a assault cube server: My router is a Embarq 660 Series. Routers ip is . Okay so i went to>
So my external ip is:
Here are the steps i took..

1st i added exceptions to ports 28763 & 28764 on my firewall. Made them UDP also.

2nd i went to my router to opened ports. My routers ip address is: and i typed it in on the

3rd Since my router is Embarq 660 series zyxel i have to go to NAT in order to portforward. okay so i went to NAT than Edit Details and i port forwarded ports:

Start Port No. End Port No. IP Address
1 All ports All ports
2 28763 28764

Okay my IP Address that i put for the server was my Ethernet Adaptor Local Area Connection: So my IPv4 Address is:

4th I added a rule to my router. So i went to the Firewall tab, than i went to LAN to WAN, So i added a rule to LAN to Wan. My rule is:

Service Name: ac server
Service type: UDP
Port: 28763 To:

Than i clicked apply, and at the very top it shows a box that says active and that box is checked. i added it to selected services too.: Here is how its setup of the packets and stuff.

my routers schedule is:

Day to apply: Everyday
Time of day to apply: All day
Log: Log packet detail information checked.

Than i clicked apply again.

So also i went to WAN to LAN and did all of the same steps as i did too LAN to WAN. So LAN to WAN has a rule and also WAN to LAN has the exact same rule and also the ports are the same.

5th i disabled router firewall.
Also the respond to ping on is: LAN to WAN
and the box that says Do Not Respond to Requests for Unauthorized Services. i unchecked that.

6th i setup my server on my assaultcube server on desktop with serverwizard.bat which looks like this:

bin_win32\ac_server.exe -n"\f1|GOD|\f3Clan \f5Server" -o"Welcome to the |GOD|Clan Server\nHave a nice day" -c8 -xjoker13213619 -f28763 -Pkbmfaswp -McUR

Here are what these things mean if you dont know it..:

// example servercmdline.txt file (1.1)
// to use this file, add -Cconfig/servercmdline.txt to your servers commandline
// * you can't use cubescript here!
// * everything after '//' in a line will be ignored
// * one commandline parameter per line only
// * you have to use the '-' characters for the switches
// * you can separate the switch and it's argument by whitespace
// see docs/commandline.html for full parameter descriptions

// example MOTD:
-o \f3server using example cmdline file (config/servercmdline.txt)\n\f2feel free to change this Smile

// commonly used commandline switches:

// -o // MOTD
// -n // server description
// -n1 // custom server description prefix
// -n2 // custom server description suffix
// -f // port, 1..65534, default 28763
// -c // max client number, 1..20, default 6
// -D // number of demos to keep in RAM, default 5

// the switches o, n, n1 and n2 support coloring and character escaping; 'o' also supports escaped newlines
// the available colors are: 0: green, 1: blue, 2: yellow, 3: red, 4: gray, 5: white, 6: dark brown, 7: dark red
// example multiline MOTD: -o line 1\nline 2\nline 3
// example colored server description: -n \f3red\f1blue

// change these, if you don't like the defaults:

// -k // kickthreshold, -1..-100, default -5
// -y // banthreshold, -1..-100, default -6
// -r // server maprot file, default config/maprot.cfg
// -X // server passwords file, default config/serverpwd.cfg
// -B // server IP blacklist file, default config/serverblacklist.cfg
// -K // server nickname blacklist file, default config/nicknameblacklist.cfg
// -P // voting permission string (read docs/commandline.html)
// k kick players
// b ban players (and remove bans)
// m change mastermode (open/private)
// f force a player to the other team
// a enable/disable autoteam
// s shuffle the teams
// r record a demo of the next game (if autorecording is disabled)
// c clear all demos on server
// d change server description
// e vote for coopedit mode
// p vote for a gamemode that is not supported by the map (default: no one can)
// w vote to kick/ban without clear reasons
// default: fkBMASRCDEW (lowercase: a user can vote for it; uppercase: admin role is required to vote)
// -M // sendmap permission string (read docs/commandline.html)
// c create new map (initial map upload)
// u update existing map (same or newer revision)
// r revert existing map to older revision
// d delete map (default: no one can)
// default: CRU (lowercase: any user is allowed to do it; uppercase: admin role is required)
// -Z // sendmap/incoming limit in MB (default = 10MB)
// -I // serverinfo text filename prefix, default config/serverinfo
// -O // MOTD text filename prefix, default config/motd

// rarely used switches:

// -p // serverpassword, for passworded servers
// -N // syslog identity string
// -F // syslog facility, 0..7, default 6
// -x // adminpasswd, don't use, use serverpwd.cfg instead
// -W // demopath, path & file prefix to store recorded demos at
// -V // verbose logging (enable this via commandline, until you're sure, there are no errors in your config left)
// -C // import commandline options from file (can be used recursively)
// -T // Add timestamps to every line of the console and file logs.
// -LF // Sets the logging level for file logs (0..5), default 2 (Win & Mac) or 5 (Linux)
// -LS // Sets the logging level for syslog logging (0..5), default 2 (Linux) or 5 (Win & Mac)
// The following levels can be selected (-LF & -LS):
// 0 DEBUG: logs all messages
// 1 VERBOSE: logs all messages of level VERBOSE and above (same as console log, when using the -V switch)
// 2 INFO: logs all messages of level INFO and above (same as console without -V switch)
// 3 WARNING: log only messages of level WARNING and above
// 4 ERROR: log only messages of level ERROR
// 5 do not write to the log
// -A // Restricts voting for a map/mode to admins. This switch can be used several times.

// don't use these switches, unless you really know what you're doing:

// -u // uprate
// -i // ip, only for machines with multiple network interfaces
// -m // masterserver URL (exception: use "-m localhost", if you don't want AC to register at a masterserver at all)

7th okay i portforwarded with too make sure i did it right than i downloaded pf port checker.

So i installed it doubled clicked and saw if 28763 & 28764 UDP ports were open and it said:

External IP Address: You external ip address is
Ping Result: We were able to ping your router
Port Check Result: Your port is OPEN on your computer!

So it works, so i double click my server that i made such as serverautoconfigured.bat

And it says master server regristration completed.

So i go online and ask someone if they can see my server and they say no Sad

So i dont know why other people around the world cant see my server!

Please help me if you can, i would gladly appreciate it Smile

My computer is a Windows Vista Inspiron: Home Premium.
I'm assuming this is not Source Engine. I've never heard of this game before.
Thread was moved. Smile

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