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SRCDS Crash - port change on restart

Occasionally when one of my gameservers crashes (on my own dedicated windows box) it also seems to crash the gameservers port. When the gameserver restarts it starts on the next port up (in this case 27016 instaed of 27015).

Is there anyway to force the crashed port to release without restarting the whole box? The port change effects the server monitoring, stats, sourcebans and my webpanel, which is a pita...

i've having the same problem a long time ago ( )

i resolve it running 5 in 5 server port's

just like: 27015, 27020, 27025, 27030, etc..

Regards, mariano.
I do that anyway, but my whole server control and moitoring system would have to be updated with the new IP, which is why I wondered if there was a way to release a crashed port.

Server restart it is then Sad
Figured it out Smile

For those who might suffer the same problem, this is what I did:

I scanned the open ports on the server, found the process using the 'crashed' port, stopped that then restarted srcds and it was back on the right port. Everything back to normal.

Cheers Smile

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