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Server Ports Crazy
Hi, i have various SRCDS servers, and i can run they on specific's ports.

when i start for example 10 servers in this port order: 27015 27016 27017 27018 27019 27020 27021 27022 27023 27024

the ports fails, the 27018 server start 2 times, 27024 start in 27025 and sometimes like that

i suspect of SourceTV Ports i start the servers with this line parameters:

PHP Code:
./srcds_run -game ${GAME} -nohltv -tvdisable +tv_enable 0 \
game ${GAME} +ip ${IP} -port ${PORT} +map ${MAP} +maxplayers ${SLOTS} \
exec server.cfg 

Just place them with spaces for 10? Instead of just one?
(07-16-2010, 02:04 AM)Nisd Wrote:  Just place them with spaces for 10? Instead of just one?

i need run ports like: 27015, 27016, 27017 etc.. to 27030 :S:S how can?
I've the same problem too!, can somebody help us?, thanks!
make very sure that no server uses a port you want to use for another server. you can check this with:
netstat -p --inet --listen
as root (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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