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Kids these days...
User contacted me about premium support for setting up a game server on his local machine. ( Yes I do this for a fee ).

This would entail that I setup his game server for him on his local machine for a price. I offered my time up for money. User didn't want to pay for services ahead of time. Said user was 13, I didn't want to risk taking the time to help him and then not getting a payment.

I had him register with our company, invoiced him, and he refused to pay, called me a scammer... Bah children are silly.
I highly doubt this kid was going to even pay somebody in the first place. I have seen this stuff WAY too many times in the past. He's not as smart as he thinks he is.
His steam profile page is here:
His srcds user profile page:

Quote:Never tell your password to anyone.
Wednesday, January 19, 2011
6:48 PM - Lootz: Hey dude
6:48 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: Who is this?
6:48 PM - Lootz: It's me the guy
6:48 PM - Lootz: the guy that will pay you
6:48 PM - Lootz: for the srcds can't connect fix
6:49 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: Ah mmk
6:49 PM - Lootz: You told me to add you?
6:49 PM - Lootz: So whut lets do this right now
6:49 PM - Lootz: Run up team viewer so we can do this
6:49 PM - Lootz: Want me to open teamviewer and give u info?
6:50 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: Yes
6:50 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: But first, I want you to create an account with us
6:50 PM - [:D] LoopyMan:
6:50 PM - Lootz: Qgt>
6:50 PM - Lootz: whyt
6:50 PM - Lootz: why?
6:50 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: So I can invoice you?
6:50 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: Lol
6:50 PM - Lootz: What's that?
6:50 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: So you can pay me.
6:50 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: ...
6:51 PM - Lootz: Dude i just need your paypal email and i'll send it i don't need to register on your site.
6:51 PM - Lootz: KK so get off COD?
6:52 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: Im tabbed out...
6:52 PM - Lootz: OH okay you on TV already?
6:52 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: No, Im waiting for you to create an account on our billing system.
6:52 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: I'm doing this on behalf of sleekservers as premium support.
6:53 PM - Lootz: Why do i need to Register if all i have to do is send the money via paypal?
6:53 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: I like to keep good books. Whats the problem anyway?
6:54 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: It's pretty much the same thing.
6:54 PM - Lootz: Okay there's no problem it's just idk wtf this is Sleekservers billing dept? WTF, whatever im registering hold up
6:54 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: Yes, I own SleekServers.Com
6:54 PM - Lootz: Do i have to put my address?
6:55 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: I dont care.
6:55 PM - Lootz: is it required?
6:56 PM - Lootz: OKAY
6:56 PM - Lootz: I put noneya business 754 st
6:56 PM - Lootz: I registreed !@#$!$@##$!@
6:56 PM - Lootz: Now whut
6:56 PM - Lootz: I registredddddd now open tv
6:56 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: One moment
6:57 PM - Lootz: wtf dude it says Your ID - and password i have a pass but not an ID
6:57 PM - Lootz: oh nvm
6:57 PM - Lootz: Okay i got my ID and PASS want it?
6:57 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: no
6:57 PM - Lootz: Huh?
6:57 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: I dont need that, I saw your registration
6:57 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: Well that and I just searched your city :P
6:58 PM - [:D] LoopyMan:
6:58 PM - Lootz: Okay so dude you need my team view stuff
6:58 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: I need to know a couple things before we get started
6:58 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: Who is your ISP?
6:58 PM - Lootz: Whats that?
6:58 PM - Lootz: dude im only 13 ffs
6:58 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: Internet service provider
6:58 PM - Lootz: i dont think that matters
6:58 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: Lol... Okay I will figure it all out when Im on TV
6:58 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: Na I was just making sure you weren't on some college network
6:59 PM - Lootz: all you need to know is that your gunna fix my SRCDS Server connect problem and you are gunna receive $15 USD
6:59 PM - Lootz: and why does that matter?
6:59 PM - Lootz: Dude wnat my TV info or what?
7:00 PM - Lootz: Dude i have so many things i can do right now your wasting my time say something....
At this moment I took a deep breath and backspaced a bunch of words and simply put "lol"
Quote:7:00 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: Lol
7:00 PM - Lootz: Want my TV info or not? U gunna help or what
7:00 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: Yes, pay that invoice
7:00 PM - [:D] LoopyMan:
7:00 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: then I can get started
7:01 PM - Lootz: lololol nah scammer,bye.
7:01 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: Hah,
7:01 PM - Lootz: bye
7:01 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: LOL
7:01 PM - Lootz: Have fun on COD
7:01 PM - [:D] LoopyMan: Whatever kid, good luck
7:01 PM - Lootz: mk

Edit: Disabled Smileys :D
God Im bad but im not THAT bad, PS 16 in a week Big Grin
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Reminds me of the old runescape item scammers... That game has come far since classic, but the players are just the same Toungue
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Hahaha ^^

If people do not want to pay for ones service up front then they can go somewhere else.

That's more or less nowhere as it is common to pay before one receives the product. Hehe

I bet you have had some good laugh about this one^^
Best part is, I think is problem would have been solved if he typed "connect localhost" rather than his IP... :X

[Image: 0d5e1a72-0d9f-4591-b227-bc1e4caff2d6.jpg]
[Image: irony.jpg]
Looking for a game server? Visit and pick one up as low as $2.50 / mo!
HEHEH! Funny stuff!
I wish I had the motivation to spam as much as you Richard.
Looking for a game server? Visit and pick one up as low as $2.50 / mo!

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