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Site Needs Some Work!
The site definitely needs some work, what I am looking at is Mods and tutorials on mods. I think the community is very capable of sharing their experiences of mods and we can possible work together to update the site! We can also provide links to programs like server checker and more. Also I can make a very in depth tutorial on "Sv_downloadurl" as I have for the mani forums and Mattie's forums. I think if we have the most active users do some work along side with the mods and admins, we can make a great place for info, community, and help. I am ready to help out the best I can!

Post your thoughts on my proposition here please. Big Grin
lol ill do what i can..
I know skeletor that you too are also a great resorce and very knowledgeable on srcds. We just need to set up a plan from the admins and then start to build a better site.
No attention from an mod, admin yet? Sad

Also for a quick makeover, I think we should add a small general chat area with a few catagories onto the forums to allow for some off topic chatter and perhaps attract more regular players, users who know a lot about servers, or just grow our fan base.

Really, I am ready to help and I think skeletor will help to, we just want to make a better place for information and help!
heck yea! this site is like the second place i go to most online.. this would be awesome if there would be more "regular" people here. and more knowlegable people.. cuz i only know so much. lol. too bad a mod isnt second looking this :|
Well I did drop an email to stealth, hope he drops by.
might get better luck with like japje, or sirtiger.. they seem to be the ones who started this.. although i never see them here..

/edit just lookd at profiles, and seen sirtiger was on just yesterday lol.
I think its a great idea, although i dont have any access to edit the site but people are always welcome to submit their tutorials and quality articles will most likely be published.

Through experience i know that the best way to run a community site is to get people involved.

Sorry; i didnt get any email, i regularly just clear out the last unread emails in my stealth@ inbox because its just a haven for spam. I'll change my address on these forums to one i use more often.

If anyone wants to submit articles for publishing on srcds website please send to paul[at] and i will make sure the admins get every single one.

-Paul Gaming Servers
Licensed Ventrilo Host - AA Honor Provider - Great Service & Prices
DarkZeaelot it would be an honour to have you and other extra tutors here! It definately would be appreciated very much. My IT study sucks up a lot time and now everyone has a brief vacation I finaly have the time now to devote some extra time to the site. I am redoing the entire design and article CMS. I think an important feature is article commenting because that'd allow people to add some additional information. As for the site design I am sure you guys won't be disappointed.. it has some more finesse than our current layout.

Also the forums will be migrated to another server, an isolated VDS environment with an optimised webserver and database server. The forum software will also be upgraded and will get an entirely new skin (which is almost done).

I might have been inactive here at the forums but behind the screens I am trying to take the site to the next level.. the community has a very stable and cool userbase that gets larger every day and the an awesome moderating team. It really is beyond our expectations!

awesome.. i knew you had to be doin something behind the scenes Wink. but thats good to hear. =) can't wait for the new stuff!
Great to hear the work you have been doing! Also good to hear that you are working IT education which is very demanding. Just keep us up to date on the status of work and I will be creating articles for M-A-P, eventscripts, and an extensive sv_download url while we update

SirTiger it would by my honor to work with you guys as a team.
*Tad off topic but a bun non the less...*

I have noticed the link View Today's Posts no longer works. when followed it just shows a white page. This was how I ran around helping people with ease, while not a reason for me to stop, it just means I cant have all the new posts in one place.

It could be from back end work, or just simply a bug, thought I let you know.
yea it does it on the view new posts as well for me. although i haven't ever clicked them before. lol.
It was quiet handy. Now it just means more time posting thats all for ATM
I come in here all the time, to see if anybody wants tips setting up a DOS server Smile

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