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SRCDS Source Server Installer V3.9
Hey. A while ago I made this SRCDS source server installer and management tool which I thought would be really useful for people who are inexperianced with SRCDS or who might want a system with file management and crash recovery Smile. Bellow is the information on it and where to download it.

If you get stuck I even made a youtube video showing how to use all the programs:

HCM Site Link:


Source Server Installer


This server tool was designed with the user in mind, and allows he/she to create source based servers quickly and painlessly.
This server management system offers the ability to create, update, edit and operate 25 Source servers at any one time.
The server tool suite allows users to avoid having to directly input the hldsupdatetool command lines and variables, and comes
with additional features to increase the functionality and ease of use for the server tool user.

Features include:

- An easy to use Text based interface for users
- Crash Recovery
- Custom update settings
- Extra content installation for garrysmod based servers
- Automatic organisation and installation of Server folders
- Installation of pre made server.cfg files


Place the "Source Dedicated Server V3.9" folder in any place on your computer where you wish to/have space to install servers
Start the "Create Server" program and follow the instruction, please read them carefully!

Creating, Updating and Managing a server:

To create a new server for a supported source game simply run the "Create Server" program and read the on screen instructions
To update a server to be synchronised with the latest software version simply run the "Update Server" and select the desired server
To run a installed server simply run "Run Server" and follow the on screen instructions
To install new content for Garrysmod, simply run the "Garrysmod Additional Content Installer"

Diagnosis of Errors:

Please read the "Diagnostic" file in User Documentation found in this tool suite, which offers answers to a wide range of problems
If the answers given wern't helpful/wern't there, please feel free to contact me at
I answer sent questions as quick as possible! But if I dont reply as quickly as you hope, then please DONOT spam me! I'll get round to you Smile

Update Log:

Version 4.5 (Next Release)
Re-written a lot of program code
Modular System, allows users to add their own source games/mods to install
Users can now install an infinite amount of each server
Updated HLDS tool to latest revision
Updated User Documentation

Version 4.0 (Latest Release)
Support new Source games/mods
Pre installs a server.cfg for the selected game
Updated HLDS tool to latest revision
Updated User Documentation

Version 3.9 (Latest Release)
Created "Delete Server" Tool
Pre installs a server.cfg for the selected game
Updated HLDS tool to latest revision
Updated User Documentation

Version 3.8
Updated run server tool
Updated HLDS tool from revision 41 to 42
Added feature to restore server from previous settings when using run server tool

Version 3.7
Updated server tool from V3.2 to V3.4
Added +sv_defaultgamemode option to Create Server and Run Server for running Garry's Mod servers
Ports can now be edited. All ports are now referred from ports.bat in do_not_delete folder
Renamed Ports text file, to Default Ports text file. As ports can now be edited.
Updated User Documentation.

Version 3.4
Updated server tool from V3.0 to V3.2
Fixed Create server program so that orangebox servers already installed are now detected.
User Documentation Updated with "Ports.txt" which lists the ports used by each differant installation.
Updated User Documentation.

Version 3.2(Original Facepunch Release Version)
Fixed Update Server program and "Run Section" of Create Server tool
User Documentation Created

Version 3.0
Customised Crash recovery system created, which is set to recover the server on program crash and restart it with the same settings
as the user specified in the Run Server program, e.g initial map and player amount
Garrysmod Additional Content Installer program added for independent installation of content to a user specified Garrysmod server,
and updates the server's custom update file for future use of the Update tool.

Version 2.4
All server programs converted to Executable files (.exe) to prevent theft of coding
Day Of Defeat Source added to the supported server list

Version 2.1
Massive expansion of server installer capability
Allowed for upto 25 servers of different game types to be installed
Would allow for extra content to be installed for Garrysmod servers
New Update Server installation file save system, for ease of use and storing variables about each server
Run Server program updated to set the game ports, allow users to set a initial map and player amount, which would be stringed
into server startup line
Hldsupdatetool pre installed and included to remove human error in the server creation process

Version 1.0
First server installer created
Allowed for custom installation location and easy use of the hldsupdatetool commands and variables
Would create run and install upto 5 servers in one folder location
Forgot to mention (double post) you can contact me at , or post a comment on the youtube video Smile

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