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dedicated server at i3D ,how many can it take
hi, i currently got 2 servers(20slot & 14slot pub) @ i3D , i've been looking and i was thinking that we could get for the same price (+- 70€ a month) a dedicated server that can run more then 2 servers. Our sponsor wants to stay at i3D because he got dedicated servers there.
i found a dedicated for 65€ a month, could you guys tell me how many Counterstrike source servers this can run, server specs:

Model: Dell R200/PE860
CPU : Xeon Quadcore 2,13 Ghz or Xeon Quadcore 2,4 Ghz
Memory :2 GB DDR2
Hard Disk: 160 GB
Connection :max 2x1000 mbit
Traffic: 10 000 GB
Os : linux (Wich one you guys recommence? CentOS, Debian, SUSE Linux, FreeBSD, Fedora Core)

thanks in advance

regards falcone
With the Current Spec i think 60-70slots Wink
I recommend Debian Smile
Well, you could probably host upto 60 slots stable, don't know anymore since we dont have the model of the Xeon. I recommend Debian with a custom kernel (use Google, some member on here made a VERY awesome tutorial on how to do it).

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