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MadStats Demonstration
Hi everyone!

For quite some time now, I have been working on a tool to make the task of administrating my Counter-Strike Source server more easy, along with displaying statistics for my friends, who play on the server.

Now at the moment, these features are implemented, along with some more:

- Statistics overview, such as points, kills, deaths, ratio's, etc.;
- Statistics from the server, which map is running, which players are online;
- Easy editting of most configuration files
- RCON access for immediately executing config files, changing maps, server status and raw rcon commands;
- Easy templating engine;
- Server status image (for use in e.g. signature);

More features are in the pipeline, but first I would like to get some feedback from you!

I've setup a demonstration version, which is limited in not being able to save and rcon disabled.

During the development of this tool, Dr. Octopus has helped me with providing a dedicated server, feedback and lots of moral support Smile

You can view the demo at the following address: MadStats Demo
Login with 'demo'.

For a full feature list, screenshots and progress information, you can visit the project at

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