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Poll: Wich is the best Admin script
Stay with Mani
Install another
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BIG QUESTION!!! Mani or any other?
Hello all!

just wondering a simple but big question, wich is the best Admin Script to use on ure server?

I have been using Mani now for a year and like it wery much, but you always wonder if there is something better?

And sometimes when you visit other servers you see stuff Mani dosnt handle.

So what is the best Admin script for a 30-40ppl highload CS:Source server, running Windows.

i know there are other but cant remember tthere names. but ill make a poll anyway.

thank you


ps: i dont have so much time on my hands so i just dont wanna run and test others and finding out 2month later that its not soo good as mani. if mani now are better then the others?? Toungue

[Image: image.png]
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I would highly recomend staying with Mani as it is not only the most supported one, by both creator and community, it is one of the most powerful ones. Currently a Version 1.2 is being created to make Mani much, much more powerful. I highly recomend using mani.
yup.. and plus if you already know it.. no use in changing =) mani is the best i have tried anyways.. and if a server update breaks something, hes pretty quick atta fix, which is nice.

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