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need help this server spec
okey this is the server spec.

Intel Xeon i7 W3520 4x 2.66+ GHz
12 GB DDR3
2x 1500 GB - SATA2 7.2k
Connection 1Gbit (France)
Traffic Unmetered.

i plan to host

1 60slots
3 50slots
1 40slots
2 32slots
Counterstrike source tickrate 66 (160 , 3 50 , 1 40) while both 32slots is tickrate 100? i was wondering is this spec enought ? with connection and bandwidth.

the 60slots is zombiemod 1 50slots other zombiemod and 2 50slots zombie escape 1 40slots minigame , 1 32slots funserver , 1 32slots gungame server

i just want to know is this machine allright? to run the host.

host is from (under france part) dedicated !!

hopefully somebody can help me with detials
Yes, Santrex is a good host as well however don't expect much support from them, unless your server, or the datacenter is on fire.
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well... 60 slots is probably too much for that cpu (on a single server), as the per-core speed is too slow. I would recommend the fastest available cpu (per core! a single srcds process doesn't use more than one core!) of this. even then it will be very difficult to set up a stable 60 slot server!

also I think in total it will be difficult to host that many servers even on the fastest available cpus.

css is no longer available as tick 100. and for large servers I would strongly recommend even lower tick rates. you will most likely not get a server with 60 slots running smooth with tick 66 on presently available cpus... probably all your servers will have that problem.

on the other hand, you don't need 12 GB of ram. a server needs around 200-400 MB even with plugins. so 4 GB will be sufficient. also the HDD is oversized. a smaller disk would be sufficient, also you don't really need a raid (HDD speed isn't relevant for srcds but for the map changes). although, these points will probably not hurt... but you can save the money and buy a faster cpu. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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santrex doenst have other better CPU avaible in that matter i dont seek for more RAM i just need a location on France & Netherland to host 7-8 source servers without having trouble
if you know a good NL/FR host with good CPU behaartesetwas pls help me
what if i order 2 of those machine BehaartesEtwas

can it run 2 x 50slots 2 x 40slots 4 x 32slots CS Source? without problem?
Okey this is my last question about this

what is best for me to do

i want to host 2 x 50slots , 2 x 40slots , 4 x 32slots CS Source server with tickrate 66 some with zombie escape zombiemod gungame minigame

i can do this.

Take Netherland host

* Intel Core i7 940 2.93 Ghz
* 12288 MB DDR3 RAM
* 500 GB 7.200 RPM
* 4000 GB Traffic p/m
with 1 Gbit Uplink network connection.
monthly price 167,40 € (NO Setup fee)

Intel Xeon i7 W3520 4x 2.66+ GHz
12 GB DDR3
2x 1500 GB - SATA2 7.2k
Connection 1Gbit (France)
Traffic Unmetered.
159 $ (with setup fee 100 $)
as I pointed out, the per-core speed is very essential for large servers. all of your servers are large (I would consider 50 slots even as very large). so you have to go for the maximum per-core speed you can get. everything else is secondary, at most. so the i7 940 is faster than the W3520 (same architecture and cache size but faster clock speed - the Xeon features are of no use here!). still I think this is rather narrow. I would recommend a i7 960 at least.

I could imagine that 8 (very) large servers are still too much even for the 960... I have no personal experience with this large slot count, but from what I read from others here at the forums, running a single server with 40-50 slots on even very fast machines can be a big challenge. don't underestimate this. I would say, you cannot run without a problem even a single server on that machines. you will have to do many tweaks and optimizations, and you will not be able to start with all servers all together at the beginning. (assuming they really get full - only filled slots really count) and don't even thing about bots...

I don't know any providers in FR or NL, but I know a provider in Germany that offers very fast game roots: I actually don't know which one would be the best for you, that is difficult to say... I would guess either the X6 1090T or the overclocked i5 (both are even cheaper then both offers you posted). (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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