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How many slots could this box handle?
I am looking into purchases a dedicated server and I was curious how many slots(full slots) this box would be able to handle.

X3450 (4x2.66Ghz) 10.64 Ghz
Xeon X3450 CPU, 8GB DDR3 1333, 2 x 500GB SATA 2 HDD
12MB DDR2 Cache, 1333FSB and legendary XEON reliability.

The current servers are:

CSS 24 Slots
CSS 18 Slots
CSS 16 Slots
CSS 14 Slots
CSS 32 Slots
GMOD 32 Slots

I am hoping to expand in the future. Will this server be enough or will I need better?
You are probably looking at about 40 - 50 CSS slots per core, as the orangebox version requires a little more now. GMOD servers are pretty unpredictable, but I would say that a 32 slot server would easily eat one core to itself.

8GB Ram isn't really needed, with a quad core 4GB is usually plenty when running SRCDS instances.
Clan of Doom:

Think you should be fine with hosting that.

Just a note, depending on what gamemode in garrysmod, you might end up using a hole core on Gmod alone.

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