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Linux for game servers?
Found this article on a site.

In general, HLDS/SrcDS running under Linux performs worse (i.e., uses more CPU power, gives higher pings, and makes for less stable pings) than HLDS under win32, simply due to the way the game was written. However, Linux is necessary to run 1000 FPS servers, and with the latest hardware and kernel it runs nearly as good as Windows for other configurations.
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~ trewq
Choosing your OS is more like what kind of admin you are and what you are used to:
- lazy and want everything to work out of the box without deep system knowledge (ofc deep knowledge about windows does not hurt )
- need SLAs, support
- You are used to click and drag´n drop or need Guis
-> Windows

- have much time
- want to control everything and modify the system 100% to your needs
- do not want to pay licence fees
- have the opinion that every gui just wastes recources
- like to write your own litte (bash)scripts and programms that do your work
-> Linux

The not needed 1000fps will run on both. I can not say that one OS performes worse or better.

Why I am using Linux:
I am used to the shell (console) since commodore64/i286 times. Also I want to control everything and have my own scripts.
In combination with cron(taskplaner for linux) my servers are running automated.
Also I am using a symlink system that allows me to run all servers on the dedicated server with only one real install. Each running Gameserver has its own folders. But instead of real files they contain only symlinks. Exception: config files. That way I only need to update one server and all are up to date. Same for mappools, servertools and so on.
Interactive web based config creator for CS, CSS, TF2 and DODS
Creates server and client configs in an explained dialog.

You`ll also find precompiled debian gameserver kernels for download

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