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Looking for serious sponsorship
Hello everyone!

This is for my community that I run along side a few people.

We never imagined we would be in a position where we thought we would be worthwhile to anyone as a sponsor but I think after 2 years of running this thing we are at a good point to look for a sponsor.

A bit about us; At the core we are a friendly gaming community, we have around 100 members but we have a strict recruitment policy (members have to build friendships to get in) and we encourage our server regulars to get involved.

Currently we have 11 active servers (all are full at peak times) boasting 320 slots. We achieve this by 3 dedicated servers, one located in the US and two located here in the UK, the US expansion is a very recent move for us.

Since Saturday (02/10/2010) to Monday (02/10/2010 00:00:00) we have seen 4000 new players come to our servers, we reset our statistics every 2 months and on average we have around 45,000 players tracked.

Well, we have got all this way ourselves and are fully self sufficient - why do we feel we need a sponsor?

We have developed everything from the ground up, everything from our automated donation system to our player base has taken a long time to develop, we feel a sponsor may help us to reach a new crowd depending on what can be provided, or even something as simple as some website revamps.

If you would like to talk over opportunities then please PM me for some contact information.

Useful links:

Main Site


Stats (Thanks to AngryGaming)


I hope this isn't seen as an advertisement, we really don't need to advertise our servers as they do fine as they are. We just want to see if there is anyone interested in getting involved.
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